Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Body Shop Eye Shadow Palette

Hello gorgeous!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for those of you who follow or read my blabber. Been working more lately, and have been making a more conscious effort in being intentional at meeting up with people and getting to know them better. Learning to not take things in life for granted and to really love and cherish people- especially those around you! 

So while I was window shopping not too long ago, I noticed a big sale going on at The Body Shop here at a local mall. With all these new brands and new products coming out, I noticed that brands such as The Body Shop had slowly been neglected for the past year. I never really paid close attention to their makeup products...not sure why, but probably because their packaging isn't as nice as other products out there? 

When I came across this palette that was listed on sale for $5 (retails at ~$22), I pretty much immediately swooped it up and bought it without a second thought. I honestly did not expect much of it, especially since I am not a big fan of magnetic cardboard packaging. However, after swatching and trying out these products. I'd have to say...never judge a book by it's cover. Yes, the packaging wasn't as attractive to me, but in all honestly, it's the product inside that counts. All four colors are so shimmery and shiny- almost metallic!  The texture is smooth and easy to blend, and it surprisingly was not as dry as I thought. The color pay off was really good, and the colors in the palette work beautifully with each other. The lighter shadows can be used as a highlighter, and the darker colors are build-able for a classic smokey eye. This palette is also available in a pink/peachy color, but I chose to go with the blue one since I don't own a blue-based palette. I think I'd have to say...this is the best purchase with $5 this month!!!!!

That's it for now! I have a few more products from The Body Shop I want to show you guys, and I can't wait! To end off, let's strive for us all to make an effort to show your love and care to someone out there (especially your family and friends) to make this world a better place =)

With love, 

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