Saturday, 27 June 2015

3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigments

Wearing:  Electro Pink

Wearing: Issue

Wearing: Modern White

 Electro Pink// Issue// Modern White

Electro Pink mixed with Modern White// Issue Mixed with Modern White// Modern White 

 Electro Pink mixed with Issue (1:1 ratio)

All three pigments mixed together (1:1 ratio)

Hello Beautiful!

As mentioned on my instagram @carmen_cl91, I've recently recieved a few korean cosmetics products, and I'd love to share them with you guys! First up, here are some gorgeous lip pigments by 3 Concept Eyes in Electro Pink, Issue, and Modern White. These lip pigments are extremely pigmented, and did I mention they are super moisturizing?! No lip balm is needed whatsoever, and the staying power of the colors are phenomenal. Compared to other lip pigments I've tried, this is definitely at the top of my list. Great work, 3CE!!!! 

One of the best things about this line of product is that you can customize your own shade with the combination of two or three pigments. You can create lighter or darker colors, and even a totally new color! I'm not too sure where you can get these products in Canada (let alone in Edmonton), but based on what I found online (at, Ebay or Amaazon), you can get these pigments for about $14-17 usd. These pigments come in a variety shades which can be seen here. I wish they had some sort of blue shade though...they have almost all the primary colors except for that!!! 

I'll be doing a few looks using colors created from these pigments, so keep an eye out! 

That's it for this post! Until next time, 


PS: Currently working on twitter (@carmenli_mua) and other social media accounts to connect ya'll!

PPS: Here's something I painted and drew at a bridal shower I attended today =)

Yes, you are beautiful...just the way you are =)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Egyptian Princess makeup

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Only 4 more days until the weekend. Hang in there people!!! Here's a makeup look that is inspired by Egyptians. I've always enjoyed the way ancient Egyptians do their makeup (especially their eyes!), so I've been wanting to create this look for a while. 

The focus of this look is the eyeliner, and the highlighting of the eyes. Maybe one day I'll do a video on how to do the eyes. It's kind of difficult to write out. The highlighting on the eyes was done by a pearly white glittery liquid liner by Etude House. Balance this look off with a coral shade lipstick, and accessorize with a headpiece and you're done! Egyptian princess inspired look complete ;) 

PS: The next series of posts will be reviews and makeup looks using mainly Korean cosmetics. My brother went back to Korea with his girlfriend for vacation and they came back with a whack load of cosmetics. Can't wait to recommend products for you guys!

PPS: Remember to take the time to appreciate and love all of those around us. Life is unpredictable, and you never know what can happen next.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Makeup for New Classics Studios- Second Nature


Model: Lauren Koehn
Styling/ Creative directing: Alyssa Lau
Photography: Alyssa Lau/ Eric Yun/ Kevin Wong
MUA: Me :)
Hello lovelies!
Not too long ago, I had the honor of doing makeup for New Classics Studios for their latest editorial shoot. For those of you who are curious, check out the link! The talented Alyssa from the Ordinary People blog and her team's got some pretty awesome stuff for you people to check out! Here are a couple of my favourite shots!
So for this look, the focus is on looking natural, so any eye makeup is kept to a bare minimal using nude colors only. Contour was focused at the hollows of Lauren's cheekbones and temples, and lip color was kept a natural shade. Oh and here's a makeup tip for all you lovely people out there. For natural foundation application, the trick is to use a sponge instead of a brush. Soak up a makeup sponge with water, then squeeze out the excess water. You will find that your foundation will apply much more thinner, be more blendable, adhere to your skin better, and will actually look like natural skin (instead of looking cakey).
Enjoy the photos, everyone! Alyssa and her crew did such a fabulous job!
Oh, and PS: Check out this link to see the videography by Eric Yun to the shoot!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Empress of China Makeup

Hello Beautifuls, 

So for a while, I've been wanting to do something more than the typical beauty makeup looks, so I've decided to dig a lil' deeper and go all the way back to the ancient days. Here it is! A look worn by Chinese celebrity Fan Bing Bing in the Chinese Drama called Empress of China. The overall look consists of a milky white complexion with brown & coral colored eye shadow, red lips, and completed with a hand painted lotus flower on the middle of the forehead. 

On the eyes, I used a matte brown eye shadow and swept it over my entire lids. I then used the Jill Stuart eye shadow palette in Mixed Berry Crepe and used the coral red over the brown to warm things up. I then thickly lined my eye with the red color in Makeup For Ever's flash palette, and then closely lined my eyes with Mac's gel liner. This allows for the red liner to appear as if it is sitting right on top of the black! Stick on a pair of natural falsies to complete the eyes. Mascara is only needed at the bottom lashes for more volume. Eyebrows are kept clean, long, and straight with a hint of red. To get the hint of red to appear on the brows, simply just run a bit of red eyes shadow over. 

Use a matte red lipstick over the lips and draw in the lotus on your forehead, and voila! You're done! You can either draw in the lotus with a red lip liner or a red lipstick using a brush. Either way, it works! And there you have it! You've turned yourself into an ancient Chinese princess. =)

Let me know if you guys have any questions! I know it can be difficult to understand and explain when everything is on text. 

With loads of love, 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sheseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil in PK200.

Hey everyone!

So here's a blush I've been using for the past few months that's been of course, highly recommended by Lisa Eldridge. This blush has an extremely soft and velvety texture to it, and blends seamlessly onto your skin. The color I got is in PK200 which is a peach pink shade, and is also available in RD100 which is coral red shade. You can check out these two shades on the Maquillage Sheseido site here. According to the site, the shade PK200 gives a "glamorous, bright complexion," while the shade RD100 "creates a natural, gentle rosy complexion." I chose to go with the peach pink shade because I have a pink (or cool) undertone to my skin. There are micro shimmers to this product, but trust me...Sheseido knows how to not go overboard and be JUST right =].

The packaging is also excellent in my opinion. It does not look cheap, and is also very light weight. The blush also comes with a dual brush with a sponge blender at one end and a brush on the other. Pretty handy when it comes to travelling, I'd say! However, the only down side is that you can't purchase this product in Canada or the US. You can find it on amazon here though, but other than that...Asia would be the place to get it. I got my cousin from Hong Kong to purchase it for me, so thank you to them! It retails for about $340 hkd, so around $55 cdn. A bit more pricey compared to the average blush, but the product lasts for quite a while since you will only need a tiny bit of product for it to show on your skin.

This has been one of my favourite blushes for the past few months, and I love using this product on my bridal clients! Honestly, this product is on par with the Jill Stuart layer blush compact in 03 Relax Smile.  I alternate between using these two products because of how similar they are. The one by Jill Stuart does have a bit more shimmer to it, but you can't really notice the difference in person. See my review of the Jill Stuart Blush compact in 03 Relax Smile here.

Until next post!
God bless,

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick in Dream House

As promised, here's the swatch to the lip product by Too Faced in Dream House. This is a cool toned pink color with a metallic finish. There's tiny specs of sparkle to it that adds to the extra glossy finish. Overall, this product is super moisturizing and does not dry up your lips. The color pay off of this lip product is also amazing! You just need a tiny bit, and that can pretty much cover your entire lips. Because it's so creamy, blending it for that gradient effect is also ideal.

The only downside to this product is the applicator. For some reason, I find the product very difficult to squeeze out through the tiny pores of the applicator. I'd have to squeeze multiple times and with lots of pressure in order for just a TINY amount to come out.

Overall, I think this is a very flattering shade of pink for you people out there with cool toned or neutral skin color!


Friday, 5 June 2015

Edgy pink makeup look

Hello ladies!

Here's a makeup look for the bold. Haha, I'd definitely would not wear this as an everyday look, but if you wanna be creative and wear something colorful, then here's the look for you! Honestly, makeup has no rules, so go ahead, be creative and express yourself!

On the eyes and lips, I used the Two Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick in Dreamhouse. And yes, I used a lipstick on my lids. Like I said, there's no rules in art! To keep the eye color from creasing, I'd suggest using a primer and base, and to also set the color with a translucent powder. To be honest though, any cream based makeup WILL crease to some extent. On the brows, I actually used an eyeliner to draw out my brows and emphasize the arch. I'll be doing a review of the lipstick soon, so keep an eye out!

On another hand, remember ladies, no matter how much you think you've failed or how much you think you are unworthy, always know that you are Created for a reason. There's purpose in your life that maybe you are overseeing. So take a step back, breathe, and regain yourself. There's always people out there to support you, and there's always someone out there who Loves you.

"For you created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother's womb. 
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, 
I know that full well. 
My frame was not hidden from you
when i was made in the secret place, 
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before any of them came to be."
-Psalm 139:13-16

That's it for this post! With Love,

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fresh Golden Pink summer makeup look

Hello Lovelies!

So here's a girly makeup look that is perfect for the summer! Pink and coral shades with golden shimmer. Too bad my phone couldn't capture the warm gold that compliments the pink. Maybe I should invest in a real camera...

Anyways, the entire makeup look is mostly done with Jill Stuart's limited edition ribbon couture palette in Mixed Berry Crepe. To add on the gold shimmer, I used Makeup Forever's Flash palette in 04 Gold on the high points of my features. To achieve that perfect pink color on the lips, I used Two Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic lipstick in Dream house and blended it out to have it less bold.

That's it for now! Although I do love phone photography, I'm really considering investing in a better camera to show you guys the details of my looks. Let me know if you guys have any camera suggestions!

PS: Love yourself for who you are created to be, and don't let the world's definition of standard beauty be yours. You are beautiful, just the way you are!