Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sheseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil in PK200.

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So here's a blush I've been using for the past few months that's been of course, highly recommended by Lisa Eldridge. This blush has an extremely soft and velvety texture to it, and blends seamlessly onto your skin. The color I got is in PK200 which is a peach pink shade, and is also available in RD100 which is coral red shade. You can check out these two shades on the Maquillage Sheseido site here. According to the site, the shade PK200 gives a "glamorous, bright complexion," while the shade RD100 "creates a natural, gentle rosy complexion." I chose to go with the peach pink shade because I have a pink (or cool) undertone to my skin. There are micro shimmers to this product, but trust me...Sheseido knows how to not go overboard and be JUST right =].

The packaging is also excellent in my opinion. It does not look cheap, and is also very light weight. The blush also comes with a dual brush with a sponge blender at one end and a brush on the other. Pretty handy when it comes to travelling, I'd say! However, the only down side is that you can't purchase this product in Canada or the US. You can find it on amazon here though, but other than that...Asia would be the place to get it. I got my cousin from Hong Kong to purchase it for me, so thank you to them! It retails for about $340 hkd, so around $55 cdn. A bit more pricey compared to the average blush, but the product lasts for quite a while since you will only need a tiny bit of product for it to show on your skin.

This has been one of my favourite blushes for the past few months, and I love using this product on my bridal clients! Honestly, this product is on par with the Jill Stuart layer blush compact in 03 Relax Smile.  I alternate between using these two products because of how similar they are. The one by Jill Stuart does have a bit more shimmer to it, but you can't really notice the difference in person. See my review of the Jill Stuart Blush compact in 03 Relax Smile here.

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