Sunday, 26 July 2015

Girls Generation (SNSD)- Party inspired makeup

Hello lovelies, 

This is going to be a very short post! Just wanted to share with you guys a look I did that is inspired by a Korean girl group called Girls Generation's newest song, Party. This look consists of a summery bohemian style, with a focus on vibrant colors. 

I came across a eye shadow by Tarina Tarantino called "Ribbon" at Winner's which is a velvety, cool purple color. I actually bought this shadow on clearance for $5.00 Cdn from retail ~$19 Cdn . What's the fun of shopping without deals?!! Anyways, using a pink shadow as a base color on my eyes, I then used Ribbon over the pink, and also on my cheeks for a more vibrant effect. I then used a bright yellow color for added brightness. Lips were kept a vibrant bright pink, and I integrated this color into my look by using a gradient lip effect. Brows were kept straight, and full for a youthful look. As for the headband, it is actually a wrap bracelet I made a few years ago! I basically unraveled it, and tied it across my forehead to fake the headband look. Oh, and the flowers were plucked fresh from my mom's garden...creativity has no boundaries!

That's it for this post! Chat with you all later!

PS: I finally managed to get my hands on the new Naked Smokey palette. SO STOKED!!!! Can't wait to create new looks for you guys and to show you guys the swatches!

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Friday, 24 July 2015

The Body Shop cosmetics- against animal testing

Hey beautiful, 

Meant to swatch these eye shadow cubes a while ago, but never got the chance to. Anyways, here it is! As mentioned in my previous post, I was never a big fan of The Body Shop makeup products for some reason, but after coming across their sale a few days ago and managed to pick up a few items to try, it is safe to say I will very likely be a returning customer. 

These eye shadow cubes are not too dry, and has a somewhat velvety texture to them. They are easy to blend, and has pretty good staying power. It came in a square container with 4 separate eye shadow cubes with their own mini lids. All four colors work well with each other, and will create a lovely natural makeup look. I actually did not mind the shimmery/metallic finish because I feel like it adds a more youthful glow to almost any look. I got this on sale for $8.00 Cdn, when it retails for $22 Cdn original price. Steal of a deal? Um...YES!!!!!

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PS: Oh and just an FYI here, The Body Shop products are cruelty free, meaning they are against animal testing, and none of their products have been tested on animals. Any animal lovers like me out there? I'm diggin' this brand and their values and support them 100% ! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Body Shop Eye Shadow Palette

Hello gorgeous!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for those of you who follow or read my blabber. Been working more lately, and have been making a more conscious effort in being intentional at meeting up with people and getting to know them better. Learning to not take things in life for granted and to really love and cherish people- especially those around you! 

So while I was window shopping not too long ago, I noticed a big sale going on at The Body Shop here at a local mall. With all these new brands and new products coming out, I noticed that brands such as The Body Shop had slowly been neglected for the past year. I never really paid close attention to their makeup products...not sure why, but probably because their packaging isn't as nice as other products out there? 

When I came across this palette that was listed on sale for $5 (retails at ~$22), I pretty much immediately swooped it up and bought it without a second thought. I honestly did not expect much of it, especially since I am not a big fan of magnetic cardboard packaging. However, after swatching and trying out these products. I'd have to say...never judge a book by it's cover. Yes, the packaging wasn't as attractive to me, but in all honestly, it's the product inside that counts. All four colors are so shimmery and shiny- almost metallic!  The texture is smooth and easy to blend, and it surprisingly was not as dry as I thought. The color pay off was really good, and the colors in the palette work beautifully with each other. The lighter shadows can be used as a highlighter, and the darker colors are build-able for a classic smokey eye. This palette is also available in a pink/peachy color, but I chose to go with the blue one since I don't own a blue-based palette. I think I'd have to say...this is the best purchase with $5 this month!!!!!

That's it for now! I have a few more products from The Body Shop I want to show you guys, and I can't wait! To end off, let's strive for us all to make an effort to show your love and care to someone out there (especially your family and friends) to make this world a better place =)

With love, 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Japanese Doll Makeup look

Hello beautiful!

Hope everyone's week went by well, and happy Friday! Here's a makeup look I came up with that is inspired by makeup styles in Japanese fashion magazines. The look consists of heavy, spidery mascara, dolly pink cheeks, and a soft pop of lip color. The eye liner is kept to a minimal wing, and the color tones are strong, but soft. 

On this look, I used Etude House's new color in liquid lips in OR205 from their 2015 collection on both my lips and cheeks. I am personally a huge fan of multi functional products, just because they're handy and convenient to use. Who wants to lug around a million makeup products on a daily basis anyway? The color of this lip product is bold, buildable, and blendable. Many users of this product found that it is quite drying on the lips, but I actually found it to be quite wearable without any chap stick at all. I used a lip brush to apply on my lips for a cleaner edge, and smudged it out with a tapping motion to soften up the color. I did this on my cheeks as well, focusing the colors on the apple of my cheeks. On the eyes, I chose to use Etude House's eye long mascara, which claims to lengthen the lashes. With the length in effect, I wanted to create a spidery mascara look, so I chose to go with a fibre mascara. For this look, I used MajorlicaMajorlica's Lash Expander by Sheseido. Go over with a few coats, making sure each layer is dry before the next application. 

 That's it for now! Until next time, 


PS: Thought I'd share this video with you guys out there. Makeup or no makeup, I want you all to know you are created beautifully as is