Friday, 24 July 2015

The Body Shop cosmetics- against animal testing

Hey beautiful, 

Meant to swatch these eye shadow cubes a while ago, but never got the chance to. Anyways, here it is! As mentioned in my previous post, I was never a big fan of The Body Shop makeup products for some reason, but after coming across their sale a few days ago and managed to pick up a few items to try, it is safe to say I will very likely be a returning customer. 

These eye shadow cubes are not too dry, and has a somewhat velvety texture to them. They are easy to blend, and has pretty good staying power. It came in a square container with 4 separate eye shadow cubes with their own mini lids. All four colors work well with each other, and will create a lovely natural makeup look. I actually did not mind the shimmery/metallic finish because I feel like it adds a more youthful glow to almost any look. I got this on sale for $8.00 Cdn, when it retails for $22 Cdn original price. Steal of a deal? Um...YES!!!!!

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PS: Oh and just an FYI here, The Body Shop products are cruelty free, meaning they are against animal testing, and none of their products have been tested on animals. Any animal lovers like me out there? I'm diggin' this brand and their values and support them 100% ! 

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