Saturday, 27 June 2015

3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigments

Wearing:  Electro Pink

Wearing: Issue

Wearing: Modern White

 Electro Pink// Issue// Modern White

Electro Pink mixed with Modern White// Issue Mixed with Modern White// Modern White 

 Electro Pink mixed with Issue (1:1 ratio)

All three pigments mixed together (1:1 ratio)

Hello Beautiful!

As mentioned on my instagram @carmen_cl91, I've recently recieved a few korean cosmetics products, and I'd love to share them with you guys! First up, here are some gorgeous lip pigments by 3 Concept Eyes in Electro Pink, Issue, and Modern White. These lip pigments are extremely pigmented, and did I mention they are super moisturizing?! No lip balm is needed whatsoever, and the staying power of the colors are phenomenal. Compared to other lip pigments I've tried, this is definitely at the top of my list. Great work, 3CE!!!! 

One of the best things about this line of product is that you can customize your own shade with the combination of two or three pigments. You can create lighter or darker colors, and even a totally new color! I'm not too sure where you can get these products in Canada (let alone in Edmonton), but based on what I found online (at, Ebay or Amaazon), you can get these pigments for about $14-17 usd. These pigments come in a variety shades which can be seen here. I wish they had some sort of blue shade though...they have almost all the primary colors except for that!!! 

I'll be doing a few looks using colors created from these pigments, so keep an eye out! 

That's it for this post! Until next time, 


PS: Currently working on twitter (@carmenli_mua) and other social media accounts to connect ya'll!

PPS: Here's something I painted and drew at a bridal shower I attended today =)

Yes, you are beautiful...just the way you are =)

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