Thursday, 23 April 2015

His Love saves

Hey everyone!

So here's a look that's been trending all over Asia these past couple of years. This trend is all about dewy, clear skin and full eyebrows, minimal eyeshadow and contouring, and a natural blush color. The eyeliner is kept clean and winged out. The lips are also kept a natural pink, or a so called "gradient" lip is also seen to be very popular. This look is seen sported by many popular Asian celebrities such as HK model Angelababy and Janice Man,  Miss HK Grace Chan, and various Korean celebrities.

Because the weather in Edmonton is so dry, having the so called "dewy skin" look can be hard to achieve due to the dryness. This is where highlighters come in handy though. Sweep a pearl based highlighter or shadow around the high points of your cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, forehead, and anywhere that light would naturally hit and there you have it! Fake dewy skin. Bahaha jk (but not really).

That's it for this post! One more day until the weekend! Hang in there beautifuls!

PS: Here's a simple secret to being beautiful: Be kind, and love all those around you as yourself =]


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