Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Beginnings

Photos taken by my cousin D. Reblogged from

Some of you may actually already know me as Carmen (one of the duo from the Edmonton-based fashion and style blog For those who used to follow that blog, you may have noticed that D and I had stopped posting for a while. We both got busy, so getting together to do shoots was very difficult with our staggered schedules.

With that being said, this is my own personal blog as now a certified freelance makeup artist, and as an alumna from the University of Alberta. This blog is dedicated to share any skin care, beauty tips and advices, and to share with you guys my creative works. All images and makeup are done and taken by me, unless otherwise stated. With this blog, I'd like to focus on wedding makeup, everyday-wearable makeup, editorial, and even runway-creative looks! I also may do some hair styling here and there, so really... the sky is the limit!

I've always had a strong passion in health and wellness, fitness, art, design, photography, fashion, hair, and makeup in one package. My faith holds firmly with Christ, and I believe that beauty or attractiveness is never based on wearing provocative or revealing attire (1 Peter 3:3), nor should beauty be based on what you wear or how you look like. With that being said, I love the joy of reaching out to women to help them find, appreciate and respect the inner and outer beauty they are already blessed with.

I believe marriage is a sacred promise therefore, I take weddings very seriously! My favourite type of specialized makeup is bridal makeup! I'm still working on improving my skills with this type of artistry, so hopefully there will be some of my works up on this blog for you all to give me feedback on. I don't own a professional camera, and I love instant photography so most of my works will be taken via my Samsung Note II. You can also find me lurking around on Instagram @ carmen_cl91. Let's connect!

That's it for now! Blog still in process =)


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