Thursday, 7 May 2015

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Hello Beautifuls!

Like all trends, our eyebrows has had its' fair share of evolutionary changes and the history to em' brows actually go way back to ancient civilization. And no, don't worry...I'm not gonna spend this post talking about the history of eyebrows haha. What I do have to say though, is that for those who were born in the 1990's like me, do you ever remember the pencil-thin eyebrows that were once of popularity back in the day? Flash back to the more recent years, thick and luscious brows with a natural arch is what is dominating runways, and fashion magazines.

 I personally  agree with just cleaning off stray hairs to bring out the natural shape of your brows, but I definitely don't agree with over-plucking to the extent your natural shape changes. I think you can for sure play with around with different shapes with makeup or concealer or whatever it may be, but in the end, whats gifted to you suits you best and makes you unique for who you are! Embrace yourself for who you are!

So for this look, to bring out the brow hairs and the natural arch of my brows, I opted to use a lengthening and volumizing mascara (such as the one from Make Up For Ever) on my brow hairs. I then went ahead with a brown eye shadow to fill in the gaps between the hairs. Just to make it look extra luscious, I went over and drew in tiny little strokes with a brown liquid liner to imitate brow hair.

For the cat eye, I extended the liner further than usual, and angled it slightly towards the tip of my ears. Make sure you refrain from doing the "fish tail flick" though, or that may actually change up the entire look. For makeup, its always the slightest little change that will make a difference. Oh ya, almost forgot, use a pearly eye shadow at the center of your eyelids, and a white or nude color eyeliner on your bottom tear line to make the liner pop!

For this makeup look, it's all about knowing your angles, knowing where the light hits your face, and playing around with shades. To contour, find the hollows of your cheekbones to bring out your natural bone structure. Choose a contour shade that goes well with your blush (or even choose a blush that is slightly darker), and sweep it gently under your cheekbones. Just be sure to blend it out super well for a natural finish.

On the lips, just choose a coral peach or pink and blend it out with your fingers for a softer look. And for the airbrushed effect? Stipple your makeup on with a stippling brush or sponge, and go over in thin layers rather than one thick layer to prevent yourself from looking too caked up.  Take your photo where there's tonnes of sunlight, and there you have it!

Alrighty, enough of my blabbering. A huge pat on the back for whoever actually ends up reading this.

Have a great rest of the week everyone! Let's all make an effort to be patient, understanding, and love all those around us.


"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

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