Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Warby Parker 2015 Winter Collection

I've always been the glasses kinda girl. Though I do love those days when I can wear contacts (only once in a blue moon though cause I have super dry eyes and can't wear contacts for long hours) and don't have to worry about my glasses falling off my nose, I'd still prefer to wear glasses on an everyday basis. Don't ask me why...I pretty much grew up with glasses and it's safe to say, they're simply a part of me! I love how wearing different pairs of glasses can totally change up your entire look. Being a makeup artist myself, I love how glasses have the ability to hide eye bags. Yes. Eye bags. Them dreadful eye bags that pretty much all women try to conceal.

I recently came across an eye wear company by the name of Warby Parker, and was delighted to hear of the variety of fashionable glasses they carry. What intrigued me most was their winter 2015 collection of eye wear. The cool hues and blue tones work together to create such eye-catching pieces- a must have for those of you who wear glasses on a daily basis like me. Allow me to show you a few of my favorite drool-worthy pieces.

Dempsey in Jet Silver

Ames in Graphite Fog
(All images above courtesy of https://www.warbyparker.com/) 

I love the colors of these specs! My favorite color is blue (tiffany blue to be specific), and the above pairs are definitely worth getting your hands on for the upcoming winter season. Every pair are apparently super affordable, Oh and FYI, says on Warby Parker's site that every pair of glasses bought, one pair will be distributed to someone in need. What's better than getting yourself a new pair of specs and knowing you're helping out someone out there in need as well?  

On another note, here's my makeup video for those who wear glasses. Glasses= best concealer. Ever. Legit.

PS: it's almost 1:30 am, and i'm craving dessert. 

kay, signing offf!

Love, Carmen